Tyre Services


We stock an excellent range of economical tyres that can be fitted while you wait!  Or, we can order any of the top brand names, bespoke to your requirements.

We stock and fit a range of quality, value for money tyres, that provide performance, reliability and excellent mileage over the lifetime of the tyre.

Car tyres


Van tyres

All tyres that we supply are new, with a full guarantee and include the cost of fitting, a new valve, balancing, and environmentally safe disposal of your old tyre(s).

Tyre Care

Ensuring that your tyres have the correct pressure will increase both the life of the tyre and your fuel economy.

 A legal requirement is that the depth of tread on your tyres should be at least 1.6mm. If you are unsure then we can provide a FREE check of the depth of tread for you, along with a visual inspection of the tyres.


Puncture Repair Guidelines

Puncture repairs can only be carried out on the central area of the tyre and must meet BS AU159 standards.  Depending on the width of the tyre, puncture repairs for cars and vans are only allowed in the central 60-70% of the tread area.

Damage or punctures to the sidewalls cannot be repaired as the sidewall of the tyre is load bearing and could change the structure of the tyre so it can’t be repaired.

The puncture itself cannot be bigger than 6mm, which usually means that damage caused by a screw, nail or another sharp object can be safely repaired. Only one repair is allowed on V rated (or above) tyres.

Tracking & Alignment

It is important that your wheel alignment / tracking is checked on a yearly basis, to ensure the correct handling, safety and stopping distance of your vehicle.

Correct wheel alignment will significantly increase the life of the tyres, increase fuel efficiency, and provide a smoother more comfortable ride.

Any unusual visual wear on the inside or outside shoulders of the tyres is an indication that the alignment is incorrect and needs adjusting to prevent further unnecessary wear to the tyres.

Another indication there may be a problem with the wheel alignment is when the car feels like it wants to pull to one side and is most noticeable on straight roads or on a motorway. 

The cost of replacing a full set of tyres can be very expensive, so invest in your tyres and ensure you get the maximum life and value from them by having your alignment checked every 12 months or 12,000 miles. 



Steering & Suspension

It's really important to have regular checks on your suspension and steering, as often as every 6 months. Steering components can be knocked out of alignment by speed humps and potholes, and poor steering puts yourself and your family at risk of accident.

The suspension's most noticeable function is creating a smooth ride for you, but suspension also has an influence on steering and drive. The main cause of suspension problems is simply time: most of the moving parts are made of rubber and can dry out and crack over a period of time.

At The Garage Liverpool we serve customers from across the North West, we check the suspension and steering fully as part out our routine servicing. We will carry out repairs where necessary to make sure that you remain as safe and comfortable as possible.

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